martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

2012-09-10. Curious news

Fame, unfortunately, is pursued by too many people and the craziness shown by some of them to became a celebrity could be very valuable for companies, such as Willook, that want to be universally recognized. Therefore, all of those who were looking for success throughout their entire lives and have failed are now in luck. They can become worldwide famous thanks to 'If I Die' contest. The only requirements for participation are: "being alive and having a Facebook account". If you comply these two conditions you only need to install the application and go to "For a chance to World Fame". Leave a message to your loved - or hated - ones and if you are the first one to die your video will be posted on your Facebook wall. But it is not only that. The company Mashable and other international media have signed an agreement to support 'If I Die' First', and they will also publish your video. More than 1,200 people have accepted the rules of the game since the participation period opened. Important: You can’t kill yourself. 

Philadelphia, apart from a brand of cheese, is the sixth most populated city in the United States. Historical figures like Benjamin Franklin or athletes like Kobe Bryant were born in this city. Philadelphia means “City of Brotherly Love” as it was intended to be a refuge of religious tolerance. But, is this respect only shown in this area? Apparently this is the case. One of its laws strictly forbids delivering food for free. Because of breaking that law, a resident of this town, Angela Prattis, has been fined with $600 for each day that she distributed food for free in her own garage to 60 poor children. The fine, which adds up to $50,000, will be forgiven by the mayor, thanks to media pressure, if she pays a license to distribute food valued at $1,000. 

The tragic story of The Lovers of Teruel, which could inspire Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet, narrates the death of two youths. He, John, died of grief when he knew that his beloved, Isabel, was married to another and also she denied him a kiss. She died by kissing the corpse of John. We are not surprised to see in movies great demonstrations of love, but the reality has taught us,altough some people do not learn it, that these stories are only in books. Hu Seng wanted to surprise his beloved Li Wang. He did not think of anything else but getting into a box and mailing himself to the office of his girlfriend. What this lover did not count with was that you can not trust in courier companies. When he reached his destination, three hours later, the boy was unconscious, so this madness of love almost ended in tragedy. 

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